Movie Draft

Have your collection of movies get the highest domestic gross!

How To Play
There are 2 phases to the Movie Draft: The Auction Draft and Secondary Draft.

The Auction Draft
A limited number of people are given $100 to bid on as many, or as few, of the movies in the draft as they wish. For each movie they purchase, the amount of money they spend is subtracted from their total. The remaining amount can be used for the rest of the draft. Bidding continues until all movies have been purchased. Then starting with the bidder who has the most money remaining, each bidder will choose 1 alternate movie not currently on the draft. This movie may be used in the special circumstance listed below. The prices that are paid for each movie set the values for the second phase of the draft.

The Secondary Draft
This draft is open to everyone. Now that the prices for the movies have been set in the prior phase, everyone has their chance to pick movies with their own $100. The same object as before, except now you can look back at the draft and find which movies will give you the best return on investment. Do you think that movie that sold for $10 is going to make you more money per dollar then the movie that sold for $40? You be the judge. Invite your friends, have your own competition.

NOTE:  Sometimes movies get bumped from their release schedule. It happens, sorry. If the movie date changes and is still released at least 1 month prior to the closing of the draft, then no changes are made. However, if the movie will be in the draft for less than a month then there is an option to the original bidder. The bidder may choose to replace the movie that was bumped with their alternate pick. In doing so, they forfeit any money the original movie makes. In addition, anyone that chose the original movie in the secondary draft will have it replaced with the alternate.